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This is Cadre.

Cadre has quickly established itself as a committed player in Norway's small-scale hydropower sector. Devoted to running small-scale power plants, we merge the promise of additional green energy with the rich heritage of Norwegian waterways.

Operational in key regions across Norway, Cadre maintains strong connections to each of our projects, ensuring both efficiency and adherence to our core values. With unparalleled expertise in small-scale hydropower, our teams operate across the country, ensuring we're present where it matters most. Our approach is hands-on, partnering closely with every landowner from the moment a fall lease contract is signed through all phases until we have an operational plant, and beyond.

Every venture we undertake is a manifestation of our core ethos

We are partnering closely with local landowners and stakeholders

By partnering closely with local landowners and stakeholders, we've established a collaborative framework, ensuring that each project is not just about generating energy, but also about building lasting community relationships and returns.

  • Local Touchpoints: Our active presence, spanning from Norway's northern expanse to its southern shores, signifies our commitment to being at the heart of the action. By positioning ourselves close to the projects and the landowners, we can respond swiftly and efficiently, adjusting to the changing dynamics of the environment and market.

  • Harnessing Expertise: In Cadre we pride ourself on the wealth of expertise we have accumulated over the years. With teams that specialize in small-scale hydropower, we've become proficient at tapping into the potential of each river, optimizing its flow and energy, without burdening its natural course.
steady progress towards our target

We anticipate contributing 2 TWh to Norway's energy portfolio in the near future

As we journey towards our ambitious goals, Cadre has already achieved significant milestones. We exemplify operational excellence with our 21 efficient small-scale power plants currently in operation. Our forward-thinking approach is evident with 40 innovative development projects now in the pipeline. Our current power portfolio stands at more approximately 400 GWh.

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development projects
400 GWh
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Hydropower: The Sustainable Energy Beacon

Leveraging our collective experience, we maximize the potential of each river without over-exploiting its resources. This not only generates immediate value but also paves the way for future generations.

Hydropower stands out as a sustainable energy forerunner — clean, renewable, and intrinsically tied to the environment. Its consistency, unlike more volatile renewable sources, ensures a steady energy output. Cadre, with our intimate knowledge of Norway's hydro resources, is poised to champion this form of eco-friendly energy, showcasing its viability and efficiency.

For Cadre, sustainability isn't just a buzzword — it's an inherent part of our DNA. Our proactive measures to minimize environmental impact are testament to this. With every project we strive to restore areas to their original beauty, championing biodiversity on land and in water. 

Our vision is clear: contributing to a future where renewable energy doesn't come at the expense of the environment.

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Our Expertise in Norway's Hydropower Sector

Cadre's vision is supported by industry stalwarts like Nordkraft and HitecVision's New Energy Fund. Furthermore, with 3% ownership held by our passionate employees and select partners, it's clear that our mission resonates deeply with those directly involved.

Cadre means a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession. And that's exactly what we are. In the rising tide of renewable energy, Cadre offers a unique proposition: a blend of rich Norwegian heritage, sustainable energy promise, and a proven track record. As we navigate the evolving energy landscape, our approach provides a glimpse into the potential of sustainable hydropower. For those keen on being part of a purpose-driven journey that's rooted in tradition yet forward-looking, Cadre serves as an ideal ally.

“Our deep-rooted involvement in every project speaks to our dedication. For us at Cadre, it's about shaping the sustainable energy narrative for the future, one project at a time.”

Carl-Fredrik Lehland

CEO of the Cadre Group
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Join us in refining the contours of Norway's energy future.

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