The Team

The team behind Cadre represents decades of experience in all aspects related to acquiring, owning, operating, and selling off power producing assets and other infrastructure elements.  The team behind Cadre has over the last few years acquired 18 hydropower plants, constructed or refurbished 7 hydropower power plants, and sold off 2 hydro power plants.  The accumulated asset value under management over the last two years is approx. EUR 320 million.


Anette Brådland

ESG & Accounting

Senior back-office manager with more than 25 years of experience from accounting. HR, ESG and administration in companies ranging from larger offshore firms to smaller contractors. Latest position as Head og accounting and ESG in Bekk og Strøm AS.


Petter Dønnestad

Plant operations

Project manager with more than 10 years' experience from engineering and procurement projects worldwide. Additional experience from the airline industry and farming. Most recently helt a position as project manager in Bekk og Strøm.


Carl-Fredrik Lehland

CEO & Projects

Industry executive with more than 30 years of experience from development and operations of critical infrastructure. Former Agder Energi Executive vice president, Managing director of Nokia Switzerland, and CEO of the Norwegian small hydro power company Bekk og Strøm AS.


Vetle Lehland


Part time project coordinator during higher education in project management. More than 5 years experience from the electrical and building materials industry, as well as logistics and goods flow within the wholesale sector. Main responsibility for solar projects.


Eivind Bergkaasa

Asset Management

More than 20 years experience from investment banking and private investment companies in Scandinavia and South Africa. Founding senior equity research analysts in Arctic Securities. He has extensive transaction experience, ranging from capital raising to M&A.


Øystein Flåt


Financial Graduate with more than 20 years of experience from roles in finance, asset management and corporate governance. Background from multiple industries including banking, healthcare and power production. Most recent as CFO for Bekk og Strøm AS over the last five years.

Cambridge Dictionary:
Cadre - a small group of trained people who form the basic unit of a military, political, or business organization.